Friday, February 24, 2012


Slovenia is one of our neighbor countries and has a super wonderful, green and wild nature with much higher mountains than Hungary. I have already been to the capital, Ljubljana and Porec on the seaside. Porec was cute, but Croatia's seaside is much nicer. So if we are doing a trip to Slovenia, let's just stay in the hills!
Ljubljana is 10 hours far by train from Budapest and the return ticket costs 50 euros. The city is pretty and small, so a day or two it's more than enough there.

I would love to visit the Bled lake, that is only 75 minutes by bus (cost ~7 euros) from Ljubljana. There is a little island with a church in the middle of the lake.

The Soca river is famous by it's incredibly bright color. I wanna see it with my eyes! It's in the north of Slovenia, but I guess we can get there by bus as well from Ljubljana. We could also try some guided canoe trip at the calmer parts of the river, and if we get wild, have some rafting ;)
(or just look at it from the side of the river) :P

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