Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Kakadu Kitchen

They are doing vegan food home delivery by bike!!!! :D
They are open for volunteers. Sometimes they are having a break from home delivery and only cook for caterings.

"Kakadu kitchen is a refom kitchen project committed to preparing everything without animal products.
Kakadu is a form of urban movement.
We believe that eating healthy and violence-free is part of a balanced life.
Violence feeds violence and fat feeds fat! :)
We offer weekly menus which include daily suprise desserts and drinks.
Register by sending an email to and you will receive our weekly menu updates.
We deliver our fresh and delicious meals to your home or workplace between 12pm-2pm on bikes.
Please place your orders one day in advance. Include your address and contact info.
We reserve the right to changes in the menu.
Do it, organize it, shape it and eat it!:)"

Thermal Bath

I recommend Széchenyi - that is the biggest with lots of outdoor and indoor pools,

and Lukács - that is smaller and cheaper but also very pretty.

but I have never been and I would love to go to Rudas

and Gellért!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Életfa Természetbarát Egyesület (Life tree Environmentally friendly Association)

This association was founded by a Berta (a friend from the highschool) and her husband.

Their goal is to help the society to develop a more healthy, environmentally friendly, sustainable  lifestyle. Educating them on the way of thinking through preserving and protecting the environment, and develop self-awareness.

They have a sustainable farm, where they welcome short and long term volunteers.
They often organize yoga, tai-chi and dance workshops, but also meditation, with building a "sweat lodge" .

Thursday, March 1, 2012


"ZÖFI - Hungarian Young Greens was founded in 2001. ZöFi is an independent NGO, consisting of young and enthusiastic people, including many volunteers who take part in a wide range of projects aimed at promoting a more sustainable environment and society. ZöFi connects the 'classical' issues of nature conservation and the protection of the environment (both natural and urban) with a host of other issues concerning the protection of civil rights, human dignity, solidarity, equal opportunity, the caring for marginalised minorities and more. ZöFi is not affiliated with any political party. "

One of my friend Sára Szabo is a member, and she recommended that you should apply there to take part in the projects or develop new projects or to make workshops.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fogasház (Tooth-house)

It's a popular bar and cultural place in the "bar district". There used to be a repair place of teeth so the logo stayed there and they named the place after it.
Address:VII., Akácfa u. 51.


I'm writing to them to see if there's some possibility to have a collaboration, or they have useful tips for a mediterranean immigrant...  : )

Friday, February 24, 2012


Slovenia is one of our neighbor countries and has a super wonderful, green and wild nature with much higher mountains than Hungary. I have already been to the capital, Ljubljana and Porec on the seaside. Porec was cute, but Croatia's seaside is much nicer. So if we are doing a trip to Slovenia, let's just stay in the hills!
Ljubljana is 10 hours far by train from Budapest and the return ticket costs 50 euros. The city is pretty and small, so a day or two it's more than enough there.

I would love to visit the Bled lake, that is only 75 minutes by bus (cost ~7 euros) from Ljubljana. There is a little island with a church in the middle of the lake.

The Soca river is famous by it's incredibly bright color. I wanna see it with my eyes! It's in the north of Slovenia, but I guess we can get there by bus as well from Ljubljana. We could also try some guided canoe trip at the calmer parts of the river, and if we get wild, have some rafting ;)
(or just look at it from the side of the river) :P


Let's have long-weekend holiday at the czech capital!
It's also famous by it's home made beers that you can enjoy fresh at the beer houses!

It's only 6,5 hours far by bus, and the return ticket costs about 9000 Ft (~35 euros).


Mátra is Hungary's biggest mountain with the highest point of 1014m. There are wonderful landscapes there, mostly with forests and little villages.
It's about 2-3 hours by bus from Budapest. It's worth to go there for a few days and sleep in a guesthouse, so that we can enjoy the peaceful nature longer! :)


Kino is also an art cinema with cafe and free wifi.
In the summer they have some tables outdoor as well.

Tickets are 1200 Ft, but all wednesday it's only 700 Ft!  :)

Address: Szent István krt 16.
It's between the two stops (Jászai sqr. and Nyugati train station) of the tram no.4-6.


Odeon is also an art cinema with great but less films, but cheaper prices.
A ticket is 900 Ft, and the afternoon movies are often just 700 Ft.
All the films are in original language, so there mush be some in english/italian/spanish/portuguese that you understand! :)
It has a cozy café with free wifi and I used to work here for long hours when there was an extremely hot summer... but it's also cool in the winter! 
You can also rent great art movies on DVD-s from their huge collection! 

The location is 2 minutes walking from the "Jászai Mari tér" stop of the tram no.4-6, if you are coming from Buda, it's the first stop in Pest side after passing the river. It's also easy to go there by bike.
Address: Hollán Ernő u. 7. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Művész mozi (Artist Cinema)

Művész is a cinema where they are showing mostly art films.
We have already been here, watching the new Almodóvar movie.

Address: Teréz körút 30. (by tram no.4 or 6 it's between the stops of Nyugati train station and Oktogon, but more close to Oktogon)

A ticket is 1400 Ft.