Monday, February 20, 2012

Biofalu (Eco village)

This is a recommendation by Zsófi, my flatmate.
The site is unfortunately only in Hungarian..., but you can check more photos here:

It's an eco village where some families and people are living in their own built, mostly sustainable houses, surroundings and environment. They make their own fireplaces and they do farming for themselves, but beside this, they give a big importance to the philosophy of their lifestyle. They have some meditation, yoga and interesting few days long workshops for example about woman and man (sexual) energies. They have a really cool "Waldorf" type alternative school for their children.
The eco village is welcoming volunteers, and as I read it on the website, they never have enough! They offer food and accommodation for the help.
We could go for a visit in the spring, and maybe when you are already a fluent hungarian speaker, we could take part in some workshops as well ;)

The location is about 2 hours by bus from Budapest.

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